Sport Pepper Sauce, by Chef John Besh

From My New Orleans: The Cookbook, by John Besh
Makes 1½ quarts
What my granddaddy and a lot of Southerners call sport peppers are little green and red and sometimes yellow hot peppers, Capiscum annuum, similar in taste to Tabasco and the Thai chiles found in many Asian markets. I store my pepper sauce in the refrigerator, not in the pantry, which means I hardly need to cook the peppers first. The sauce doesn’t last as long, but the flavor is brighter. Use on slow-cooked greens when you want a jolt of flavor.

1 quart white vinegar
2 cups mixed sport or Thai chile peppers
2 teaspoons salt

1. Put the vinegar, chiles, and salt into a medium pot and boil over medium-high heat for 2 minutes.
2. Working quickly and using a slotted spoon or tongs, divide the chiles evenly between several hot, sterilized jars and bottles (page 240). Using a sterilized funnel, fill the jars and bottles with the hot vinegar. Seal the jars and bottles with their sterilized lids and let them rest at room temperature until cool.
3. Store the bottles and jars in the refrigerator for at least 1 week to let the flavors develop before using. The sauce will last for 6 months in the refrigerator.

MyNewOrleans_final cover2.indd

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