Can-A-Rama Events

If you have a canning/preserving event for the Can-A-Rama weekend of August 29-30th, 2009 (or near to it) and would like us to post it here, please list it in the comments section. Thank you!

Boston, Mass.: August 30th in Union Square, Somerville

Freeport, Maine: Aug. 29th, 1-3 p.m., Wolfe’s Neck Farm JAM session! (or JAMboree?) Create summer berry jams and jellies. For details:

Minneapolis, Minn: Details to be announced soon

Philadelphia, Pa.: August 29th, 10-1:30. Canning “info table” at the Clark Park Farmer’s Market (43rd + Baltimore)

Seattle, Wash. – August 27th, 5:45-6:45 pm, Queen Anne Farmer’s Market, Canning Demo


Food writer Shauna James Ahern (“Gluten-Free Girl“) set the stage for home canning parties across America when she set the date (Aug. 29) for a canning party at her home on Vashon Island, Wash., and became the first official CAA host. See how other home canners are following suit, coast to coast!  Is your city listed? Send us a note ( and we’ll get your home canning party or open-to-the-public event listed here.  Join the can-volution!

Aug. 8
Kim W., Edmonds, Wash.

Aug. 8/9
Tricia Z., Sparta, Mich.
Margaret H., Bradley Beach, N.J.

Aug. 15
Serina T., Fayetteville, Ark.
Phong H., Seattle, Wash.
Jodi B, Kirkland, Wash.
Leah D., Canon City, Colo.
Brooks S., West Chester, Pa.
Chloe S., Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Aug. 16
Deborah S., Seattle Wash.
Amy C., San Jose, Calif.

Aug. 17
Gretchen S., Muskegon, Mich.
Brenda S., Brookville, Ind.

Aug. 20
Holli B., Elk Grove, Calif.
Molly P., Seattle, Wash.

Aug. 21
Janis W., Sharpsburg, Md.

Aug. 22
Amber B., Scotch Plains, NJ
Erika N., Twin Falls, Idaho

Aug. 23
Debra M., Portland, Ore.
Kristin M., Seattle, Wash.

Aug. 27
Kristi B., Seattle, Wash.

Aug. 28
Renee G., Valleyford, Wash.
Laura A., Alfred Station, N.Y.

Aug. 29
Meg O., Drexel Hill, Pa.
Kristina M., Knoxville, Tenn.
Crystal B., Salt Lake City, Utah

Aug 29/30
Marisa S., Seattle, Wash.
Jill W., Seattle, Wash.
Melisa C., Portland, Ore.
Belinda M., Etta, Miss.
Scott P., Seattle, Wash.
Stephanie M., Austin, Tex.
Lynn S., Kirkland, Wash.
Susan B., E. Grand Rapids, Mich.

Aug. 30
Jason C., Seattle Wash.
Anne D., Seattle, Wash.
Jessica W., Northampton, Mass.

Sept. 1
Jane C., Manchester, Mo.
Karen W., Seattle, Wash.

Sept 4
Deborah R., Pennsboro, W. Va.

Sept. 5
Jean K., Midlothian, Va.
Susan H., Amherst, Mass.

Sept. 6
Kate W., Los Angeles, Calif.
Andrea K., Sutherlin, Ore.
Tamara G., Bremerton, Wash.
Amy C., San Jose, Calif.

Sept. 6/7
Kathi J., Renton, Wash.

Sept. 12
Mary S., Blue Bell, Pa.
Stacey S., Middleburg, Va.
Carmala W., Willmar, Minn.
Lori Z., Rochester, N.Y.

Sept. 20
Laurence E., Knoxville, Tenn.

Sept. 26
Alexa W., Folsom, Calif.


12 responses to “Can-A-Rama Events

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  2. Sound Food, a group on Bainbridge Island, Washington is sponsoring evening canning classes on August 20 and 21 from 6:30 to 8:30 to get ready for the Cans Across America event at the end of August. We’re also planning an afternoon canning demonstration on August 21 at the Town and Country Market on Bainbridge Island.

  3. This is a great idea. We’ll get something posted on both our websites about this. I’ve also forwarded to our sister publication, Mother Earth News magazine.

  4. (in the previous posting, that was supposed to be on, and )

  5. There will be an informational event on canning and preserving at the River Forest Public Library meeting room, 735 Lathrop Ave., on August 29 at 3 pm. This is a great opportunity for canners of all levels to get together, share ideas and inspiration and discuss the art of putting up food. Whether you have been canning for years, or have never canned before, please join us to share your insight and wisdom, and perhaps learn a little something.

  6. Seattle, WA August 30th, 2pm. Home Canning Workshop: How to Make Jams, Jellies, and Fruit Butters at Home Without Processed Sugar. This is part of an on going series of Home Canning Classes. No previous knowledge of home canning is needed. Class will be held at Goods For the Planet, 525 Dexter Ave S. Workshop is $10 per person on the day of the class. You must reserve a space by emailing or call the store at 206-652-2327.

  7. Correction: Goods For the Planet is located at 525 Dexter Ave North in Seattle. I mistakenly listed it as a “south” address.

  8. Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Freeport Maine: Kick-off Event for DIY Series – Four Seasons to Food Independence

    Saturday Aug 29th, 1-3PM
    Wolfe’s Neck Farm JAM session! Create summer berry jams and jellies in our local version of the coast-to-coast community canning event, “Can-A-Rama,” happening the weekend of Aug. 29-30, 2009. Details will be posted soon at

  9. Might any of the hosts/hostesses for events after 8/23 consider adding another guest to their guest list? I’d love to attend a Can A Rama event.

  10. I failed to mention that I’m looking for a Seattle event.

  11. Stephen Mickey and Golda Dwass

    is it too late to sign up for a party and to get a free canning book. thanks golda Dwass

    • No, it’s not too late to sign up for a party (we encourage you to do so!), but yes, the canning book giveaway is now over. HOWEVER….beginning next week, you’ll have another opportunity to enter your name for a free cookbook. Stay tuned for details.

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