If you would like us to post your canning/preserving class, please leave a comment with the information. Thank you!

Easton, CT

Chicago, IL

New York, NY

Pocantico Hills, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Seattle, WA


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  1. September 15th at the Rainier Community Center is Canning in the Valley. To sign up go to Parks and Rec:

  2. September 29th is canning at the Rainier Community Center. Sign up through Parks at:

  3. Preserving Peaches 3 Ways

    Join Shannon Bailey and Aviva Furman to learn three simple ways for preserving the bounty of the summer: canning, freezing and drying. This basic class will focus on methods and equipment for safe canning and preserving using delicious summer peaches. You will end the session with confidence to go home and preserve your harvest, resources for additional information, and a jar of fruit for inspiration.

    Saturday, August 29th, 10:00 – 12:30
    Wiley Community Center
    9800 8th Ave SW 98106
    Cost $30.00 (work/trades are available)

    More info or to register: or 206-762-0604

  4. Italian Secrets of Preserving Tomatoes

    Thu Aug 27- 1:00 PM
    Mountain Lakes Organic Coop

    Mountain Lakes Organic Coop – Events

    Mountain Lakes, NJ
    188 Members

    Mountain Lakes Organic Coop is a small local co-operative for buying organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and some meats at below supermarket prices. Through this MeetUp site, Co…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    Price: $15.00 per person

    There is nothing like New Jersey local tomatoes – especially when you combine them with age-old Italian home recipes. Phyllis Deering, our resident professional, will teach us her grandmother’s secrets to making amazing tomato sauces at home. Now when the tomatoes are coming off the vine faster than we can count. As good as they are, we just can’t eat them all, today.
    The cost covers the professional, the organic ingredients and the jars. Join us at this pleasant afternoon social, to learn the secrets of homemade tomato sauce in Marnie’s kitchen. For more info call 973-335-4469. Please RSVP. If you have an abundance of tomatoes please tell us.

  5. Lost Arts Kitchen in Portland, Oregon offers Cooking, Baking, and Food Preservation Classes.

    Yes We Can: Peaches Two Ways
    In this class, we will can whole peaches and preserve golden jars of Sun Relish, a delicious combination of peaches and pepperoncini that complements cheddar cheese beautifully…one of my favorite mid-winter snacks! Limited seating for this class, sign up soon. $30
    Saturday, August 29, 10am-1pm (email or call 503-253-7331 to register)

    Lactofermentation: Naturally Preserving Summer’s Bounty
    In this class, we’ll make lactofermented pickles, cabbage, carrots, and salsa! Try your hand at this ancient preservation technique that enhances food’s nutritional value and tastes delicious! $30
    Friday, September 11, 6pm-9pm (email or call 503-253-7331 to register)

    Yes We Can (and Dry): Putting Up Tomatoes
    In one class, we’ll can Basic Tomato Sauce, a Tri-color Roasted Tomato Sauce (perfect for gift-giving) and Tomato Jam with Ginger and Coriander, and dry tomatoes. Seating limited. $30
    Saturday, September 12, 10am-1pm (email or call 503-253-7331 to register)

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