Welcome to the Canning Across America web site!

 Canning Across America is a grassroots-inspired nationwide event that honors the revival of the time-honored art of canning.

Throughout the country, households will join each other the weekend of August 29/30, 2009 to preserve the summer’s bounty. In addition to home canning parties, chefs and food-preservation experts will host classes designed to inspire people how to can creatively and safely. 

Whether you’re new to canning or have been putting up food your whole life, we hope that you’ll partake in the festivities during Canning Across America weekend.

The Canning Across America web site is designed to serve as a community and information clearinghouse. If you plan to can this weekend, please write to us at our email address (see Contact Us, right) and let us know. Include whatever information you care to share—including your name, city/state of residence, the foods you’ll be canning—and we’ll post it on the website in the Events section. 

Have a question about canning? On the web site, you’ll find educational articles on the subject as well as Q+As by food-preservation experts.

 We hope the Canning Across America weekend helps to inspire untold numbers of people—including yourself—to celebrate the craft of creating delicious foods that can sustain you throughout the year.


Stephanie Gailing, Canning Across America contributor

5 responses to “Welcome!

  1. hello,
    wanted to let you know that the email listed in the contact is not working. tried to get an email over to you guys and it keeps getting returned.


  2. New to canning I’m extremely excited about learning all that I can (ha!) about canning. The weekend of August 29/30th will be my first canning experience, and I hope to can as much as possible this summer!
    Love this idea and sense of community that you have garnered.

  3. Tigress: Not sure what the problem is. I sent you an email so we can figure this out. Thanks!

    Chloe: Very fun–we’re so glad you’re joining the canning community!

    (replies by Jeanne, site webmaster)

  4. Great site and great idea for a fun-filled weekend – I’ve blogged about it on the Ooooby site – cheers – Neil

  5. I am on Aug. 29 & 30. I have been canning something every weekend since June. So, I wll be canning that weekend too. I am glad to see such promotions on canning on the web. Thanks for a great site!

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